I Lost My Dinosaur

by Secret Stuff

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released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Lost My Dinosaur
I always feel so unimportant
Like everyone just has more to give than me
I could stay in my room for a week or maybe two
Cause everyone else has someone they'd rather see

And who can blame them?
I'm no better than the rest
I don't like myself
Just had to get that off my chest

Messages on my phone only make me feel alone
Well everyone just wants what they can get from me
No one asks me how I'm really doing
"Just wanted to check in and see if that date was free"

And if I ask you if I matter
Please tell me that you'll lie
And I don't know if I'll get better
Or quit wanting to die

You can tell me I'm strong
But I feel pretty weak
It's pretty hard to belong
When no one cares what you think
Look at the man I am now
And ask what he's got to give
I guess that it's myself
That's hardest to forgive