I heard you the first time, it just wasn't funny

by Morning Effort

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Connor Fox
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Connor Fox Soooo good!!! Love your stuff guys, keep it coming! Favorite track: Midwestern Self-Deprication.
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released September 4, 2014

Artwork by JoeBob McCart.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Midwestern Self-Deprication
I'm still talking so much shit. But shit was never that bizarre. I run my mouth like I know you and all the things you are. But I won't put it into words. I know your big ego still hurts. As bad as you may be I know that I'm probably still worse. I'm still the same; watching seasons change. Are we what we became?
Track Name: All-nightr
How can I see the world when I'm always staring at my feet? What makes me so tired also keeps me far from falling asleep. Another nervous nail-bitter. Another nervous unwanted all-nighter.
Track Name: "shitty kinsella rip off"
I'm a hypochondriac at heart. Living life with a body constantly at its worst parts. I think, no I won't ever get over it. I'm still sick of myself always wanting and needing. My heart's always beating. I always wake up thinking "why did i do that? it's too late to go back; I'm awake again. When will I sleep again?"
Track Name: For Tabasco Use Only
I can feel the cigarette burns in my shirt. This music just makes my head hurt. So I'm trying to be brave in an uncomfortable place. And these sceneries won't change at a normal form of pace. And I'm trying to see what I see as a different point of view.
Track Name: I heard you the first time, it just wasn't funny
Feeling like a ghost with undiagnosed preoccupations at most. Who I used to be will always bother me. Please don't stare at me. I won't at you. You probably weren't anyway.
Track Name: Jean Simmons
The same old self loathing spent a weekend in bed. I'm still uncomfortable with the shape of my head. I took three steps back now you are two steps ahead. I don't think you're winning. I have known you're living. My hair has been thinning; a concept of giving/living.