Couch King Session: Cameron Boucher

by Cameron Boucher

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released September 6, 2014

Recorded by Alissa Reynolds.
Artwork by Corey Purvis.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Clip Your Own Wings (Old Gray)
And they said that one day I'd be fine,
and they said that my whole life.
So I kept one foot forward,
but lately I've been wearing thin.
I don't feel safe in my skin anymore.
I don't feel safe in my skin.

So I guess that I can't be,
I can't be myself anymore.
So I guess that I can't be myself,
can't be myself anymore
Must I become someone new for you?
Must I become someone new?

and I've clipped my wings,
and i'll make you proud some day,
you have no idea how high I can fly.
Track Name: Nick Kwas Christmas Party (Sorority Noise)
I spend a lot of time above water.
In fact, I spend most of my time in my room.
Lately that's made me wonder
if I've given up on trying to be someone new.
Because I don't like who I see,
each morning when I look in the mirror.
In fact it's the only thing I fear,
that I'm empty inside these bones.
I'm not scared of ghosts,
I embrace them all as friends,
because one day I'll be dead,
and they will know my name.
So I've been counting down my life,
existing in hours,
to see what I have left.

If I see 25, i'll be surprised.
If I see 32, I'll take every letter I wrote to you
and bury them alive.
If I see 44, well I haven't thought that far.