4​-​Way Split

by Known Pleasure Records

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100% of proceeds from this digital download will go towards SAAFE (Sexual Assault & Abuse Free Environment). More information about the charity at saafehouse.org.


released May 17, 2014

Artwork by Chelsea Gawlik



all rights reserved
Track Name: Former States - Night
Lately I've been feeling empty.
Growing from this life around me.
But you don't seem to care at all.
You don't care.

I feel sick, I feel weak.
I can't say the things that I mean.
I feel dead, I feel cold.
I keep quiet and do just as I'm told.

Falling leaves brought out the worst in me.
And by winter I could barely breathe.
I lost my shadow; all the same.
But I'm to Blame.

I'm to Blame.
(We keep to ourselves most nights, 'cause we're the ones who know, through hard times and endless fights, our struggles won't show. I'm useless, I'm pathetic, but at least I've come to accept it.)
Track Name: Secoué - Divisible
is this the only place for me?
when courage slips right through me
and seeps into the ground
happened again like a million times before

I’ve been divided between what I want and what I needed, what I need

I’ll try not to fade away.

The emptiness will stab like a knife
it leaves me broken and in disrepair
and everyone’s broken
and no one is the same

I’ll fix everything that I’ve broken
the damage is substantial but it stops me from shaking
I broke out of my cage, but now I’ll try to find my way,
Courage slipped through me and seeped into the ground

The memories start to fade, but maybe for the better
(what I wanted, what I needed)
I’ll try not to fade away.

Dying’s easy.
I spent my whole life waiting.

I’ll try not to fade away.

dying’s easy.
Track Name: In Writing - Stutter
I'll blame my mistakes on yesterday's decisions, all of which have succumb to the pressure of split seconds so I'm counting down my days all of which have been spent waisting away but you know I've been burning out the insides of my pockets for a train ride back home I just want to go.

All my questions can go unanswered and all my feelings can stay misplaced because the truth is I have learned that I feel nothing for anything anyway.
Track Name: Raintree - Different Ways To Spell The Same Name
My gut is so sore
but you do not know it
I swear I'm okay
but there's blood on the fence
One word or glance to
ruin the hour
Tomorrow morning
I'll write it all
Just another walk
Just another house
too close too mine
I try to keep my distance
but I'm not good at that

From worry to confidence
I'm tired of this bullshit

You are a circle
I am a line

I hear tale after tale of your age
When does it end, how long do I wait
Good days and bad days but mostly bad ones
I'll give it away, but I still want part of it

We'll live in a small house
We'll both live alone
I'll kiss you goodnight
I'll never feel your lips